All-School Activity Letters

Activity credits are awarded to students for their participation in non-athletic, co-curricular activities, clubs and organizations. Sponsors of these groups may assign credits to qualified students in their activity according to the Activity Credit Allocation Sheet. A maximum of 4 points may be given to a student per club or activity per semester and a maximum of 6 points may be given to a student per semester based on participation on Class Councils or Student Senate. The sponsors submit this information to the Activities Director by the middle of December or by the middle of May. It is the responsibility of the sponsor to assign activity credits.

Students who accumulate 50 activity credits in a variety of co-curricular activities, clubs or organizations are eligible for an Activity Letter. Active involvement in student activities must span a minimum of a two-year period. If 50 credits are awarded in any single area (i.e. Drama, Student Government) or a student has earned a letter previously, the student can receive a pin for the letter.

Students will receive their letter by the end of the semester it is awarded. If you have any questions please contact the Director of Student Activities, Nancy Thursam at