Stevenson High School Reunion and Alumni Contact Information

If your class would like to see their reunion or class contact information listed on this page, please contact Craig Barker, Stevenson's Alumni Relations Coordinator, at

To make it easier to see current reunion information, the site will now be broken down by groupings of logical reunions in the same calendar year.

Reunions listed on a red background are past reunions, 
listed as placeholders until new information is gathered.

Year Reunion Information Contact Info
1971: None at present  
1976: None at present Livonia Stevenson
Class of 1976
Facebook Group

1981: None at present  
1986: None at present Facebook:
Livonia Stevenson Class of 1986.
1991: None at present Stevenson Class of 1991
1996: None at present SHS Class of 1996
Facebook Page
2001: None at present
2006: None at present SHS Class of 2006
Facebook Group
2011: None at present  
2016: None at present   

Year Reunion Information Contact Info
1972: None at present Katherine (Guilbault) Harris
37718 Northland
Livonia, MI 48152
(734) 462-1772


Paul St. Henry
(734) 591-6081

None at present

Lynda Scheel
(248) 477-6374
1982: None at present Lori (Sickles) Coons
1987: None at present

1992: None at present
1997: None at present
2002: None at present  
2007: None at present
2012: None at present  
2017: None at present  

Year Reunion Information Contact Info
50-year class reunion planned at Livonia Marriott Hotel at Laurel Park, 

Sept. 14, 2018

Please go to and follow the prompts for details on the reunion.  See you there!
Tom Parker,
Mike Grimm,
1973: None at present
1978: 40-year class reunion planned at Embassy Suites Livonia

August 18, 2018
Details here 

Website (with payment option) at
1983: None at present L Sue (Hollman) Jurczyszyn

Mark Giordano

Lisa (Burr) Palizzi

1988: None at present  
1993: None at present Don McKenzie
(269) 382-5417
1998: 20-year reunion at Doc's Sports Retreat in Livonia

July 28, 2018
Details/Tickets here.
2003: None at present

2008: 10-year reunion at Craft Breww City in Farmington Hills

Fri. Nov. 23, 2018
Details/Tickets here.

Year Reunion Information Contact Info
1969: 50 Year Reunion
Saturday, October 19, 2019
Holiday Inn Livonia
17123 N. Laurel Park Drive Livonia, MI 48152

For information and updates, please email:

Karen (Brieske) Woods

1974: None at present Kim (Geiger Anderson)
(734) 846-2321

Sue (Schloff) Rodgers
(408) 245-9203
(California # - be aware of time change)

Barb (Buckingham) Hay

1979: 40 Year Reunion:
August 17, 2019 at
Embassy Suites in Livonia. 

Alumni can find information on our Stevenson Class of 1979 Facebook Group page! 

Reunion Saturday with a golf outing on Friday the 16th. 

Hope to see everyone there!

Lisa Barron

Jim Gemuend

Jeff Hayden

Nancy Tseng Chapman

Lisa Siradas
1984: None at present Colleen Sullivan Brzezinski
John W. Carney
Leslie T. Tancell Moran
1989: None at present

Kristina Marlow
Elizabeth Mezzacapo Leitao
Stacey Brown

None at present
None at present

2004: None at present  
2009: None at present