Stevenson Spotlight 2.0 | 50 Years of SHS
Posted on 10/19/2015
Stevenson Spotlight 2.0

(Editor's Note: The Stevenson Spotlight 2.0 returns with a new writer, as senior Autumn Miller picks up the baton.  Ms. Miller will be writing a series of articles on life at Stevenson during the 2015-16 school year, starting with this one on the 50th anniversary.] Stevenson Spotlight 2.0 | 50 Years of SHS by Autumn Miller, '16 50. The big 5-0. It’s half of 100, and anything that falls into that category has got to mean something, right? To some people, it’s a number that says, “Dang, when did I get THIS old? You kids were born just yesterday.” To others, it’s the percentage that they try to get above on any given Calc test that they take (keep aiming high). Most relevantly, though, it’s the number of years that Adlai E. Stevenson High School has been around.
50 itself is a colossal number, but when you put it into terms for how long Stevenson’s been standing, it seems even bigger. Let’s take a second to throw it back to 1960s. The Beatles were taking the world by storm and bouffants were, unfortunately, the latest craze. Lava lamps sat on the bedside tables of teenagers across the nation, and the hippie-filled Woodstock was looming in the near future. During all of these fads and phases, Stevenson was being built up, brick by brick, until it stood tall for the first round of students and staff to attend it in 1965. At the time, it was the third public high school to be created in Livonia Public School district, after Bentley and Franklin. Families from around metro Detroit were staking out Livonia to settle down like the California Gold Rush, and the population of the city began to skyrocket. The community decided that it needed another high school to accommodate these needs, so the people of this suburban city decided to give life to Stevenson in September of 1965.
You may ask yourself, reader, how did Stevenson end up persevering for a whopping 50 years? The simple and plain answer to that, has to be the staff that it’s been granted. Generation after generation, the school’s been filled with countless amounts of teachers, counselors, custodians, and administrators that have shaped it into the respected establishment that it is today. Their enthusiasm towards learning and the care for the well-being of the students has helped it carry on. The current principal, Mr. Gary Harper, took on the role of leading the school just this year, and has done nothing but a great job so far. Walking throughout the hallways this year on a daily basis, one hears nothing but laughter (and sees an occasional noogie) radiating through the walls, which again, is likely due to the cheerful staff on hand. Mrs. Mackson, Stevenson’s beloved AP Psych teacher, agrees with this too, saying that “The success of the school is definitely due to the staff. Their hard work and love for teaching shows to be apparent on a daily basis.” If you interview most students in the building, I don’t think they’d argue with her.
Being that this is Stevenson’s greatest feat so far, the school is celebrating this moment all throughout Homecoming week, which starts October 19th. The theme of the dance this year is “The Golden State,” in honor of the golden anniversary of the 50th. Both students and alumni alike will be able to celebrate this milestone, but in different ways. Like any typical Homecoming week, students will be able to dress up for Spirit Days, which are decided by the main student voice of our school, the Student Senate. On Monday, students can deck out their wardrobe in all things tie dye and embrace their inner hippie. For Tuesday and Wednesday, one can dress as any critter they choose for San Diego Zoo Day and an honorary member of Sigma Delta Phi for Frat and Sorority Day, respectively. Once the week starts drawing to a close and Thursday rolls around, one can dress up as their favorite veggie topper for Salad Dressing Day (all blue for Blue Cheese, Greek attire for Greek, etc.). Bringing the week to a close on Friday, everyone can sport all of the double blue and white hanging up in their closet for Super Spunky Spartan Spirit Day. For the eager alumna looking to see their alma mater once more, there will be a tent set up explicitly for the past student body to reconnect at the Homecoming football game on Friday, and tours will be given throughout the school on Thursday and Saturday. There’s something for everyone during this commemorative week, so all the masses will be able to find their own little way to celebrate the school’s milestone birthday.
Bottle up all the hunger for knowledge by students, the concern shown by the faculty, and the zeal that fills these crowded classroom, and you get a recipe for success. Let’s ring in Stevenson’s 50th with some clapping hands, shouts filled with “Fight, with might, for double blue and white,” and the impatience for the celebration of when this number doubles. We’ve done it once, and being that we are Spartans, there’s no doubt that we can do it again.