If a team wins a championship (City, Conference, Assoc, District, Regional, State-Runner up, State Championship) or your athletes achieve All-American, State Qualifier, State Champion, All-State, All-State Academic, they may qualify to order a Patch.  

The procedure FOR ORDERING  follows as such:

  1. Varsity Coach logs the names of athletes and the patches the athletes are ordering.
  2. Varsity Coach collects funds (preferred method- checks made out to Stevenson High School) however cash is accepted.
  3. Varsity Coach turns in funds to AD and AD processes the order.
  4. Once patches arrive, Coach will distribute patches to athletes.  Process time is 3 weeks from the date of order.
Cost of each patch has increased to $16.00 due to processing increase and cost of postage.  

Please NOTE:  Regardless of which patch is ordered, the cost is $16.00 per patch.