Stevenson High School Athletic Department
Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to Stevenson High School, home of the Spartans.  The athletic program at Stevenson is an extension of the classroom. We stress the co-existence of academics and athletics and firmly believe, you cannot have one without the other.

Many long lasting life skills and friendships are developed during team participation. We hope that your son or daughter will find an opportunity that appeals to him or her and get involved. The following information pertains to the athletic opportunities currently available at our school.

What is meant by my giving an "informed consent"?
By its nature, participation in interscholastic athletics includes risk of injury which may range in severity. Although serious injuries are not common in supervised school athletic programs, it is impossible to eliminate the risk. Participants have the responsibility to help reduce the chance of injury. Players must obey all safety rules, report all physical problems to their coaches, follow a proper conditioning program, and inspect their own equipment daily.

If my child is hurt, who will pay for his/her care?
Athletes are covered under their own home policies. Additional coverage can be purchased by individuals. Information is available through the Stevenson High School Business Office.

When do tryouts begin?
Fall tryouts begin in August. Winter tryouts begin in November (October for Hockey). Spring tryouts begin in March. Tryouts for Cheerleading and Pom Pon will take place in the spring. Watch Livonia Cable TV, check our website, refer to our Newsletter or call the athletic office at (734) 744-2660 ext. 48916, for further information.

What are the eligibility requirements for athletic competition?
All incoming (first time) ninth graders are immediately eligible for participation in the athletic program. However, to maintain eligibility an athlete must:

  • have been enrolled not later than the fourth Friday after Labor day
  • not have turned 19 before Sept. 1st
  • have had a physical examination on file in the athletic office (since April 15)
  • have not been enrolled for more than eight semesters in high school (9-12).
  • have passed at least four full-credit subjects the previous semester of enrollment
  • be currently passing at least four full-credit subjects
  • have not changed schools without a corresponding move by your parents or legal guardian, with whom you were living
  • have not received money or other valuable considerations for participating in MHSAA sponsored sports
  • have not participated in non-school contests during your sport season after having reported to your school team
  • have not competed in an all-star or national championship after having played for a high school team in the same sport

How do you get a college athletic scholarship?
Too little, too late... Many junior and senior athletes in line to receive athletic scholarships are discovering that they will be academically ineligible to participate in Division I and II colleges and universities because they have failed to meet the academic standards set by the NCAA Initial Eligibility Clearinghouse. If you see any possibility that your son or daughter might want to participate in collegiate athletics, please go to the NCAA Eligibility page and check with his or her counselor for current information.