KLAA/SHS Spectator Code of Conduct
  • Unless authorized by school officials, parents or spectators ARE NOT allowed on the playing field or playing surface at any time.

  • Be POSITIVE and Treat others with RESPECT. Negative or profane language is strictly prohibited.

  • Respect the referees/game officials and opponents.

  • No coaching from the sideline by parents are spectators.

  • At indoor events (including ice rinks) no noise makers are allowed.

  • At outdoor events, noise makers such as horns, whistles, and other items which can disrupt the contest are prohibited.

  • No alcohol or tobacco is allowed on school grounds.

  • No pets allowed in the stadium.

  • No throwing of objects is allowed such as powder, balls, etc.

  • Balls cannot be brought into the stadium. No pick-up games are allowed.

  • Appropriate shirts must be worn.

  • Appropriate signs only please.

  • Students in 8th grade and younger must accompanied by a parent to enter the stadium.

  • Student sections must remain on their own side.

  • In the gym, students cannot lean over the rail to cheer.

  • School officials retain the right to refuse admittance or remove a person(s) from an event due to inappropriate behavior.

  • Drive slowly and carefully as you enter and depart the stadium/gym areas.

  • Please keep area clean-Please use receptacles!

  • For Varsity Home Football Games, there is NO Re-entry allowed!

Good Sports are Winners!
Thank you for your assistance and enjoy the contest!