Fundraising Guidelines per LPS Board of Education and SHS Policies


(Revised April 2012)
Fundraising Guidelines per LPS Board of Education and SHS Policies
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the following guidelines are clearly understood and followed by all of the participants in the approved fundraiser. All coaches/sponsors should inform their assistants, parents, and participants of these guidelines.
  1. All fundraisers must be approved by the Principal and the Athletic Administrators or the Student Activities Director (see attached form). This must be done every year, regardless of whether the same fundraiser has been approved in the past. Coaches and sponsors must submit applications for fundraising. Parents and students cannot submit an application for the coach or sponsor.
  2. All fundraisers must be voluntary for students and parents.
  3. Groups and organizations may only participate in a maximum of 3 fundraisers per year.
  4. Fundraisers cannot in any way be connected to grades, citizenship marks, class standing, or other recognition.
  5. Two groups may NOT do the same type of fundraiser at the same time.
  6. If fundraisers are offered to raise funds for trips or anything else, students who do not or cannot raise the money must have the same opportunity to go anyway.
  7. Fundraising projects MUST NOT involve students in door-to-door sales. This applies to residential sales as well as attempts to solicit business donations. Bottle drives in the community are acceptable. Individual accounts for fundraising are prohibited. No outside bank accounts are permitted. No outside cash funds are permitted.
  8. Fundraisers should provide a product or service.
  9. The sale of any item, such as candy, is not to take place during classroom time. Sales are limited to before school, during lunch, and after school.
  10. Bake sales are permitted only if the items to be sold are pre-packaged.
  11. The sale of tickets or goods to students within the school by NON-SCHOOL endorsed organizations or individuals is prohibited.
  12. Do not solicit staff members.
  13. Sponsors/coaches must deposit monies after each event rather than waiting until the end of the program or season.
  14. Students should not have cash in their possession.
  15. Money raised under the auspices of SHS activities, clubs, or athletics must go into an SHS Activity/Sports Account.
  16. In the case of concession stands, other than those sponsored by the Booster Club, parents that assist in conducting concession stands must give the funds to the sponsor/coach who maintains an ongoing accounting record. (See #15)
  17. Sponsors/coaches/designated adults must be present during all fundraisers.
  18. Please see the Athletic Administrator/Student Activities Director before proceeding with the fundraiser if you have any questions.
  19. The Stevenson Booster Club and the SHS Music Booster Clubs are exempt from following the aforementioned guidelines and do not have to fill out fundraising application forms.
Fundraising Guidelines Revised 04/24/2012 by Julie Harb

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