Stevenson Library Media Center




Learning Materials Class (LMC) 1

Mrs. BeBeau, LMC Director

(734) 744-2660 ext. 48926


Course Description

LMC 1 is a one semester course open to students in all grade levels with at least a 2.0 grade point average.  This course is designed to give students practical use of electronic and print media by completing projects.  Completion of projects will verify learning outcomes.  In addition to projects, LMC students are given instruction in the basic organization of the LMC, its resources and equipment.


File lmc1syllabus.pdf

» Audacity Tutorial Ten minute video instructing the use of the sound recording open source software Audacity.

 Learning Express Library Interactive online learning platform of academic and licensing/certification practice tests, elementary level testing for math and reading. Includes a section that takes users from job assessment to success on the job. A tutorial course series designed to help all learners succeed on the tests they must pass includes immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of practice test results


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