Whole-Self Fitness

Whole-Self Fitness Syllabus


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Each day is worth 3 points for a total of 15 points a week:  You will lose your daily points for excessive talking, distracting me or classmates, not trying the poses, lack of effort (laziness), not changing clothes for class, or not dressing appropriately.  Additional points may be added to a card marking period (quiz, article reviews, journaling or additional work). 


All students are expected to participate on a daily basis, for the entire class periodLess than 100% participation equals loss of points. 


A “NO DRESS” will bring your grade down.  You lose all 3 points for each no dress. Second no dress drops your grade to a B as your starting grade.  Upon the seventh NO DRESS in a card marking, the student will receive an “E” for that card marking.  The NO DRESS scale over-rides any percentage point/grade.  A NO DRESS can also be not changing your pants or shirt for class.  You must change both shirt and pants to get credit! Do not wear what you worn to school.


1 ND = A range, -3 point                                          5 ND = D+, 67%

2 ND = B, 83% of total card marking points          6 ND = D, 63%

3 ND = C+, 77%                                                        7 ND = E

4 ND = C, 73%                                 


Semester Grading

            40% = first card marking

            40% = second card marking

20% = final routine you teach to your peers.  If you choose to do routine with a partner, double the poses are required.


Dress Code

  1. You must wear comfortable workout wear that follows the updated, school dress code.  Clothing must cover your body.   Tank tops and shorts are NOT allowed!! Points will be deducted.
  2. You must also wear shoes to and from the multi-purpose room.

Other Responsibilities

  1. NO GUM IS ALLOWED IN THE YOGA ROOM.  Loss of points.


  1. Students are to report all accidents/injuries to me immediately, even if you don’t consider it serious.


  1. Ladies, you are expected to stay behind the line in the hallway at the end of class. Guys, you must stay behind custodial doors.  If you move down the hall further it will be considered skipping class which = detention/referral.
  2. You will have 5 minutes to get dressed and report to the yoga room.  You must be in your attendance seat by the time I take attendance or you will be marked tardy and lose a daily point.   Tardy policy applies.
  3. I will dismiss all students eight minutes before the next class. 
  4. Do not wear jewelry during class that will get in the way of your practice.  Lock them up in your locker.  Do not bring money/electronics to the locker room.
  6. CELL PHONES/IPODS are not to be on or seen.  Lock them up in your locker. DONOT bring them down to the yoga room!  If I see your cell phones/IPODS in the locker room or yoga room, it will be taken until the end of the hour and a referral will be given to your assistant principal. I have a ZERO tolerance for cell phones.
  7. Student behavior/respect towards a substitute teacher is important.  If a student cannot demonstrate appropriate respect while a substitute teacher is present, a detention will be given and loss of your daily points.

11.  Bathroom usage is to be done BEFORE class starts.

Suggested Props:

1    All students ARE required to bring your own yoga mat.  Inexpensive mats can be purchased at TJ Max, Meijer, Target, Five and Below!! This is for hygiene reasons. You cannot use someone else’s mat in a different class.

  1. Regular socks or bare feet once you get to the room
  2. Small pillow for specific poses-optional
  3. A hand towel is suggested since there will be times that your face is on the mat.



1.  You will have an assigned small locker.  School clothes are to be stored hourly in the adjoining long lockers with student’s lock attached.  Remove lock from long locker after use each hour and put gym clothes and lock back onto your assigned small locker. The long lockers must be available for the next class/hour to use. Any damage or attempt to damage the locker or equipment will result in detention/referral and possible suspension from class and school.


2. All students must pay a $10.00 rental fee for a school-issued lock, CASH or check made out to Stevenson High School.  The rental deposit will be returned when his/her issued lock is returned.  Locks cannot be brought from home.  They will be cut off.  If the student has not paid for a lock and submitted their permission by the first participation day, he/she will receive a “NO DRESS” until resolved. Both money for lock and permission slip must be handed in before the student can begin class.

Absences and Make-Ups

When you are absent from class you will lose your 3 points for that day.  You have ONE WEEK to make up your absence to earn your three points back.  After 15 absences you will NOT be allowed to do make-ups. Being in class and in school is extremely important.   If you have excessive absences due to an unusual circumstance I may require a doctor’s note and will extend your make-up time.

Make-Ups for Excused Absences/Absences due to Injuries:

1.       Make-ups are to be done in the fitness center only. Make ups can only be done on Mondays or Wednesdays.  Talk to me if this is a problem.

2.      You will have the following week to complete your make-up or it remains a 0.

3.      You have the choice of doing 4 miles on a bike, 2 miles on an elliptical, or 2 miles on a Stairmaster. Treadmills cannot be used for make-ups.

4.      Sign in on the gold sheet, located on the desk, in the fitness center when entering and leaving the fitness center.

5.      Make sure to get the teacher working the fitness center that day to initial the gold sheet when you are finished and checks your mileage.

6.      It is your responsibility to keep track of your absences!

7.      School Business must be made up. Suspensions cannot be made up.


UNEXCUSED TARDIES ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Repeated unexcused tardies will result in LOSS OF DAILY POINTS.  If a student is not across the  line for girls or around the corner for boys, after the second tardy bell rings, they will be considered tardy unexcused.  The following discipline schedule will be applied.  You can also be tardy by not sitting in your seat by the time I take attendance.

**ALL DETENTIONS MUST BE SERVED IN the planning room**



There is a ZERO tolerance for any such act at Stevenson High School.  Our school should be a safe, comfortable environment for all students.  If this is happening to you, TELL ME!!!!  I will make sure this behavior is stopped.  The locker room is a vulnerable place and yoga poses can be awkward.  I will not tolerate anything inappropriate or hurtful. 















I have read and understand the above responsibilities and expectations for the life fitness class.  I will inform the teacher of any limitations that pertain to my child in the space below (asthma, vision, hearing, allergies, diabetic, previous injuries to knee, back, neck, shoulder etc. that might inhibit movement in this class).



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If there is no parent email address, then please provide a phone number where I can reach you if needed.