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How To Be An Amazing Math Student
Come to class every day. Math builds on itself like a story. Missing something can have negative consequences for a long time. 

Always do all of your homework. Math skills are like basketball skills or baseball skills. You can be out of practice. The more you practice, the better, faster, and more accurate you will be. This will make it easier to learn new, harder things. You'll also remember it for longer and will perform better under pressure, such as on a quiz or test.

Check your answers (if given) as you do your homework. If you get a question wrong, then go back and solve it until you get it right. Be sure you understand what your mistake was. 

Always show your work. Organized work leads to organized thinking. Plus, if you get a question wrong, you can go back and see why.
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Need Extra Help??

1) Mrs. Lee is available after school on most Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  A schedule is posted weekly in the classroom.

2) Here are a few helpful websites: 

Pearson Realize 
(Geometry only) - ask me to post some extra practice in here and get instant feedback as you work. Let me know if you need help signing in.


Khan Academy 


video lessons for every subject

Online Math - example problems and short videos of many topics

IXL Math Practice - allows free (limited) practice problems on many geometry topics.