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Students in all of my classes will sign up on the first day of school for Google Classroom where there will be a list of daily assignments, news of when the next quizzes and tests will take place, and scanned documents for your use(copies of worksheets, answer keys for specific homework, and extra reviews for each chapter.) If students are ever absent, they should please visit Google Classroom for copies of notes and/or any work they may have missed that day. If it's not posted there for some reason, I would also be happy to help you with any missed work via

Algebra One:

2018 Algebra One Syllabus

Supplies needed:  

  • Pencils
  • A notebook for warm-ups and homework
  • A 1.5 inch 3-ring binder OR a folder to organize materials--student preference
  • Teacher wish list:  Kleenex, cleaning wipes, EXPO markers

Financial Literacy:

 ​2018 Financial Literacy Syllabus

Supplies needed:  

  • There is no book for this class, therefore a folder or binder is definitely a must have.
  • Teacher wish list:  Kleenex, cleaning wipes, EXPO markers


Contact Information
(734) 744-2660 
  Ext: 48229
Class Schedule (First Semester 2017-2018)
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2nd Hour
3rd Hour
4th Hour
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6th Hour
PREP Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Fin. Lit. Fin. Lit.
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