Work Permits

The State of Michigan has changed the maximum number of work hours for students age 16 and 17 while attending school.  Students age 16 and 17 may work up to 24 hours per week (with 30 hours of school classes).

Minors in the State of Michigan who wish to work must first complete a work permit.  This work permit must be completed by the employer, the worker, and then verified by the Superintendent’s designee.  The work permit, once signed, is to be kept with the employer for as long as the minor works.  The Stevenson Counseling Office currently signs all work permits for Stevenson students.

The process is simple:

  • All students must have their employers complete the middle portion of the form, which includes a job description, location of the business, hours to work, and a signature

  • The minor must apply in person in order for a work permit to be issued. Since the students are the workers, the students must be present to be issued the work permit.  No exception can be made to this State of Michigan requirement.

Issued work permits must be on an employer’s premise before a minor can start to work.  Read more about Youth Employment in Michigan on the Michigan Department of Education website.

Looking for a Job?

Please visit the Livonia Youth Employment Resource Center for potential job opportunities in Livonia and the surrounding communities for students ages 15 and up.

Work Permit (Under 16) - Must be printed front and back on PINK paper
Work Permit (16-17 years) - Must be printed front and back on YELLOW paper