Welcome to the Humanities page for Mr. Corliss. I will be attempting to keep this page updated every week, so you will have at least some idea of what is coming up over the next few days. 

While there is a textbook for this course, and we will occasionally make use of it in class, there are not enough copies to give one to each student. That means that you will not be responsible for lugging the book around all year. Instead, on most days, we will use the On-Line component of this class. We will access the website (you will learn how to do this from home), so that we can examine and discuss representative works of art from around the world and throughout all of history. (During Semester 1, we will progress up to the period before the Renaissance in Europe). 

In week one, we will be having an shortened day on Tuesday, Sept. 6, where we will talk about the design of the class, and how we can work together to have a successful semester. On Wednesday, we will begin talking about the origins of Art, back in the mists of time, when prehistoric man first began to create. We will examine art from as much as 15,000 years ago, and try to figure out what the art tells us about the people of that time.