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Million Words Parent Assignment (All Classes):
This can be completed online, sent via email, or turned in on paper.  Thank you, parents and guardians, for taking the time to tell me about your child!

Million Words Online Form
Million Words Assignment.pdf‚Äč (for email or paper submissions).

Class Supplies
I don't have any requirements other than you have something to write with, something to write on, and something to keep it all in.  So, you can have a folder or binder with some paper.  I don't have a preference which but I give a lot of packets out so you'll need a way to keep them organized.  Also, I use a lot of colors in my notes, so colored pencils or pens are helpful for some of you.  Hopefully, you know what works best for you to get and stay organized - so have what you need!  Graphing calculators for home are awesome - but you can use our class calculators and/or online graphing apps.  If you are lucky enough to get a calculator, you'll use it a lot and details about what to get are below. 

We use lots and lots of dry erase markers, tissue and disinfecting wipes so I greatly appreciate any of those things for use in our class.  

Graphing Calculators 

Calculators for home use are really helpful.  A TI-84 or TI-Nspire are my recommendations.  If you do buy one, please bring in the proof of purchase so Stevenson can get more calculator things for your classes!

This is a quick link for an easy online graphing app.  Don't be afraid to use the Google search space, too - Google can get you some graphs and solve some expressions for you! - This is my favorite!  You can use it on a computer, tablet or phone without downloading an app.  There is also a relatively new desmos app available.  I love it.  Try it.  It's so much more awesome than SnapChat.  This app will allow you to grow some dendrites...  

Here is a video I recorded on how to start using Desmos:  desmos intro.mp4

Please email me by clicking the link below or at with any questions or concerns!  You can also text me using the remind app.  Directions for signing up for Remind are in each class page.  I have two remind options: one for geometry, one for algebra 2.  For both, the number you text is 81010 and in the text/typing area type "ablergeo" to sign up for Geometry or "ableralg2" to sign up for Algebra 2. 

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