Orientation Overview

Orientation Class




  • The students will learn the necessary study skills and strategies to be successful in all of their current and future classes.
  • The students will be able to find their way around the school, know where to go if need help, and will become an active member of the SHS student body.
  • The students will learn the characteristics of different personalities, discover their own personality and how it relates to inside and outside of school, and develop the skills to work with people of different personality types.
  • The students will investigate Careers utilizing the Career Tree Curriculum.  Through investigating careers, students will view their “Education with Purpose”.



  • Passing all of their classes
  • Completing Classroom Assignments designed to help them integrate into SHS
  • Successful completion True Color Activity and discussion
  • Successful completion of activities associated with the Career Tree Curriculum.



  1. Passing all their classes.
    1.  The students’ planners will be checked for completion every day.
    2. Various Classroom Assignments/Activities will teach different ways to take notes
    3. The students will be given 20-30 minutes practically every day to work on homework.  At this time, I will come around and help students as needed.  If students do not have homework to work on, I will have work on PSAT/SAT practice through Khan Academy.
    4.  Every Friday the students will complete an individual review assessment of their grades in their classes.  The students will need to write down their classes, the grades to date, and specific missing assignments.  If allowed, the student will make up the missing assignments by a certain date, which they provide.
    5. The students will turn in the assessments to me.  I will grade the papers based on their accuracy.  I will also follow up with each student to ensure they have completed their missing work by the date the provided.
    6. To encourage passing all of their classes and not missing assignments, the students will receive points for each week for passing all of their classes (1 point per class) along with no missing assignments (2 points per class).  If the student makes up the missing assignment, he can receive the points back, whether the teacher accepts late homework or not.


  2. Types of Class Room Assignments/Activities to help students integrate into SHS.
    1. Map of Building Worksheet, Scavenger Hunt, and Teacher/Administrator recognition game. 
    2. Coming to an after school activity each cardmarking.  Activities can include, but not limited to:
      1. Dances
      2. Plays
      3. Pantomime Show
      4. Sporting Event
      5. Clubs


  3. Complete the True Color Personality Worksheet.  Classroom discussion centered around the different “Colors” and how a person can successfully “work” with someone who is a different “Color”


  4. Completing Career Research Assignments