Acc. ELA 9                             FICTION: NOVELS                                     Ms. Bedell

                                                   For Independent Reading


You will be required to read three novels and one biography/autobiography on your own this school year, one each marking period. For the novels, it is strongly suggested that you select books from the following list of  50+ “classics.” Since this list is by no means comprehensive, I will entertain requests for alternate titles, especially those written by one of the authors below. However, I will not approve novels that are inappropriate (for various reasons: reading level, content, length, etc.) or that are part of the curriculum for another accelerated course. Specifics about reading logs, book reports, and deadlines will be given in class. Please be honest and pick a novel that you have not already read. The note (AC) means that the novel has adult content (language, mature themes/scenes, violence, etc.); you must have explicit parental permission to read one of these novels.


Watership Down                                                          Adams, Richard

Little Women                                                                Alcott, Louisa May

Fantastic Voyage                                                          Asimov, Isaac

Pride and Prejudice                                                      Austen, Jane

The Wonderful World of Oz                                         Baum, Frank

Something Wicked This Way Comes                            Bradbury, Ray

Wuthering Heights                                                        Bronte, Emily

O, Pioneers!                                                                 Buck, Pearl S.

Tarzan of the Apes                                                       Burroughs, Edgar Rice

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and

            Through the Looking Glass                               Carroll, Lewis

And Then There Were None                                        Christie, Agatha

Childhood’s End                                                           Clarke, Arthur C.

Lord Jim                                                                       Conrad, Joseph

The Last of the Mohicans                                              Cooper, James Fenimore

Robinson Crusoe                                                          DeFoe, Daniel

Oliver Twist                                                                  Dickens, Charles

The Hound of the Baskervilles                           Doyle, Arthur Conan

Rebecca                                                                       Du Maurier, Daphne

The Three Musketeers                                                  Dumas, Alexandre

Silas Marner                                                                 Eliot, George

This Side of Paradise                                                    Fitzgerald, F. Scott

A Room with a View                                                    Forster, E.M.

Lord of the Flies                                                           Golding, William

Riders of the Purple Sage                                              Grey, Zane

The Maltese Falcon                                                      Hammett, Dashiell

A Farewell to Arms                                                      Hemingway, Ernest

The Hunchback of Notre Dame                                    Hugo, Victor

Brave New World                                                        Huxley, Aldous

The Haunting of Hill House                                           Jackson, Shirley

The Shining (AC)                                                          King, Stephen

Kim                                                                              Kipling, Rudyard

A Separate Peace                                                         Knowles, John

Hondo                                                                          L’Amour, Louis

Elmer Gantry                                                                Lewis, Sinclair

Call of the Wild                                                            London, Jack

The Member of the Wedding                                        McCullers, Carson

Moby Dick                                                                   Melville, Herman

Gone with the Wind                                                      Mitchell, Margaret

Animal Farm                                                                 Orwell, George

The Chosen                                                                  Potok, Chaim

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood              Pyle, Howard

All Quiet on the Western Front                         Remarque, Erich Maria

Catcher in the Rye (AC)                                               Salinger, J.D.

Shane                                                                           Shaefer, Jack

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn                                            Smith, Betty

East of Eden                                                                 Steinbeck, John

Treasure Island                                                 Stevenson, Robert Louis

Dracula                                                                        Stoker, Brams

Uncle Tom’s Cabin                                                       Stowe, Harriet Beecher

The Hobbit                                                                   Tolkien, J.R.R.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer                                    Twain, Mark

The Ox-Bow Incident                                                   Van Tilburg Clark, Walter

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea                         Verne, Jules

Slaughterhouse-Five (AC)                                            Vonnegut, Jr., Kurt

The Color Purple (AC)                                     Walker, Alice

The Time Machine                                                        Wells, H.G.

The Age of Innocence                                                   Wharton, Edith

The Once and Future King                                            White, T.H.