US History

United States History

Mrs. Kelly Kurkowski



Class Objective:

The focus of this class is to introduce you to the developments in United States history from the Great Depression up to the present. 




The grading scale will be based on the total points that you receive in the marking period against the total points that were available.  The percentage that is reached will then fall into the grading scale listed below.


            100-93% = A                                             77-73% = C

            92-90% = A-                                            72-70% = C-

            89-88% = B+                                           69-68% = D+

            87-83 % = B                                             67-63% = D

            82-80 % = B-                                            62-60% = D-

            79-78% = C+                                           Below 60% = E


You will receive points based on the following:

  1. Homework assignments
  2. Map Quizzes (Every Friday)
  3. Quizzes and Tests - given at the end of each unit
  4. Small writing assignments
  5. In-class projects



The midterm and final exam scores combined will be worth 16% of the overall grade.  This means that each card marking is worth 42%.  It will be comprehensive, meaning it covers everything from that semester.  Usually students need to pass two out of the three in order to pass the class OR receive an 80% or higher on the midterm and final exam.


Mrs. Kurkowski will only accept late work if its turned in with a late pass the day following the due date.  Students typically will have a couple of days to complete assignments.  Each student will only receive 2 late passes for the semester.  Assignments not turned in will result in a grade of zero for that assignment.


If students are absent from school, it is the student’s responsibility to get missed assignments.  Students should first check the board in the classroom, pick up any missed handouts from the front of the room, and ask either another student or Mrs. Kurkowski regarding any questions.  All make up work must be completed after return to class.  Any students missing class on a quiz or test day will make up the quiz either before or after school.


Grades are available online and students and parents are encouraged to check them regularly. 

Required Materials:

Students will need paper, a folder or three-ring binder with divider tabs (strongly encouraged) solely for this class.  This helps students stay organized.  


Each day, students should come prepared to class. In order to be prepared, students should also have the following:

-pen (blue or black), highlighter, and pencil

-assigned textbook


Extra materials will not be provided; and students will not be allowed to go to their lockers.


Classroom Rules from Mrs. Kurkowski

  1. Come to class prepared.  Bring all notes, homework, pens, pencils, etc.  I will not allow you to go back to your locker for these things. If you leave your homework in your locker then it is late.  No exceptions!


  1. Use your passes for emergencies.  Use the bathroom between classes.  All unused passes will be used for extra credit at the end of the semester.


  1. Show respect for everyone in the classroom.  I will not tolerate making fun of other people.   If you chose to do this you will be able to spend quality time with me after school cleaning desks.


  1. U.S. history is not nap time.  Do not sleep in my class. If you are caught sleeping in my class I will politely ask you to stand and if the problem continues, plan on getting a call home, and serving a detention.


  1. Tardies… be on time! - I follow the Stevenson High School tardy policy.


  1. Detentions not served within a week will result in a referral to your assistant principal. 


  1. No food, drink, MP3 players or cell phones.


  1. Never line up at the door towards the end of the class.


Simply put, your behavior is unacceptable if it interferes with another student’s right to learn or with my right to teach.  You are expected to respect your classmates’ thoughts, ideas, as well as their belongings.  Failure to do so is unacceptable.


If you need help just ask me or make plans to meet with me after school.  I get to school by 7:00 and don’t leave until 3:00.   Just let me know that you will be stopping by.


Let’s have a great semester in United States History!!


Information for parents


The best way to contact me is through email.  If you don’t have access to e-mail please call and leave a message and I will return your call.  I usually check my voice mail a couple times a week.

Mailbox X 73023