Week 1: January 25 - February 1

Monday - Snow day. No school. 
Tuesday - Semester 1 Final Exams, Hours 5 & 6.
Wednesday - Polar Vortex. No school. 

Thursday - Polar Vortex. No school. 

(1.1) Alpha Chart & (1.2) 12-Line Poem

Week 2: February 4 - 8

Poetry Jam! :)

Plagiarism Policy
(1.3) Understanding Plagiarism

Wednesday - Ice Day. No school. 

Bring scissors, glue/tape, and magazines (to cut up) to begin project.
(1.4-1.7) "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Project Instructions & Rubric
(1.4) Visual for "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Project
(1.5) Planning for "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Project

Workshop grade.

(1.0) Binder + Syllabus + Plagiarism Policy due (check-in)
Signed UofM Consent Form due. 

Week 3: February 11 - 15

"Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Visual & Planning due during the hour. (1.6) Essay Structures Handout & Enrichment Opportunity
Chromebooks: typing "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Essay (1.6) Sample Essay (2012) - Two big body paragraphs model (1.6) Sample Essay (2010) - Mini paragraph per picture model (1.6) Sample Essay (2009) - Mini paragraph per picture model Workshop grade

Tuesday - Snow Day. No school. Wednesday   Chromebooks: typing "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Essay (1.6) Filling Out the Student Choice Section on a Rubric Workshop grade Thursday (1.6) "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Essay due as you walk into class.
(1.7) "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Presentation during the hour.  Friday (1.7) "Writer I Am / Writer I Will Be" Presentation during the hour

Week 4: February 18 - 22

Monday - President's Day. No School. 

(2.1) Writing Territory #1 and (2.0) Descriptive Techniques Notes Writing Territory #1
WT#1 Examples

(2.4) Similes & Metaphors UnJournals and (2.5) Snapshot

Thursday Practice: SAT & Composition (Written) Final Exam Packet
Read & annotate "What's Good?" in SAT Article
Begin Essay Planning Page

Finish Essay Planning Page
"What's Good?" Instructions for Sample Essays
Complete and hand in packet

Week 5: February 25 - March 1

Introduction to Memoir & The Rules of Memoir Notes (Blank) Introduction to Memoir PowerPoint The Rules of Memoir (Filled - Key) Tuesday Memoir Excerpts Packet Wednesday - No classes. Practice SAT. Thursday Six Word Memoirs Friday Memoir Unit Schedule & Rubric Memoir Planning Packet

Week 6: March 4 - 8

Monday Workshop: Memoir Rough Draft Tuesday Workshop: Memoir Rough Draft Wednesday Finding Your Voice Thursday Peer Editing Activity OR Side-Shadowing (Self Editing Activity) Both for extra credit. Friday Workshop: Memoir Final Draft

Week 7: March 11 - 15

Monday Workshop: Memoir Final Draft Tuesday Memoir due as you walk in. Memoir Presentation Rubric & Schedule Ask Ms. Lamb or Miss S for presentation examples & demos. Workshop: Memoir Presentation Wednesday Workshop: Memoir Presentation Thursday - Half Day. Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Memoir Presentations Friday Memoir Presentations

Week 8: March 18 - 22

Monday Memoir Presentations Tuesday [2.2] Adjectives & Adverbs UnJournaling & [2.3] Snapshot Wednesday Adjectives, Comparatives, Superlatives, Adverbs Notes MadLibs & Stephen King Adverb Showdown Thursday Transitions Chart Transitions Practice Friday Writing Territory #2, Journal #1, WT#3, J#2

Week 9: March 25 - 29

Monday Point of View Reference Sheet & Practice P.O.V. Fresh Prince Clip P.O.V. Story Time with Thomas Sanders Clip P.O.V. Welcome to Nightvale (only through 1:30) P.O.V. Seabiscuit Clip P.O.V. Princes Bride Clip Tuesday #SquadGoals: Procedural ("How To") Brochure Schedule & Rubric Miss S's Example Ms. Lamb's Example #SquadGoals: Procedural ("How To") Brochure Brainstorming Wednesday #SquadGoals:Procedural ("How To") Brochure Brainstorming Thursday Workshop: #SquadGoals Procedural ("How To") Brochure Friday Workshop: #SquadGoals Procedural ("How To") Brochure #SquadGoals Procedural ("How To") Brochure due before you leave.

Week 10: April 8 - 12

Monday SAT Study Sesh Writing Territory #4,5,6 & Journal #3,4,5 Tuesday - ​SAT Testing Wednesday - Workkeys Testing in A.M. / shortened hours in P.M. Card Marking Reflection & Goals Sheet Thursday Pre-Research Project - Endangered Animals Schedule & Rubric Pre-Research Project - Endangered Animals Brainstorming Friday Pre-Research Project - Endangered Animals Report

Week 11: April 15 - 19

Monday Reliable, Credible, Vetted Sources Handout Pre-Research Project (Endangered Animals Report) Workshop Tuesday Pre-Research Project (Endangered Animals Report) Workshop Pre-Research Project (Endangered Animals Report) DUE at end of hour. Wednesday Google Search Tips & Tricks - Notes Sheet Google Search Tips & Tricks - PowerPoint Google Search Tipes & Tricks Quizizz Game Thursday "Abuelito Who" Poem Friday - No school.

Week 12: April 22 - 26

Monday MLA Style - Works Cited & Annotated Bibliography Notes (Blank) Notes (Filled / Key) MLA Handbook Reference Guide "Cheat Sheet" [4.2] Works Cited Practice Tuesday Workshop: [4.2] Works Cited Practice Wednesday [4.3] Parenthetical Citation Notes [4.3] Ellipsis Notes [4.3] Parenthetical Citation Practice Thursday Workshop: [4.3] Parenthetical Citation Practice. Title Punctuation Practice: Use a nickname Ms. Lamb will recognize as you (across 3 hours of students). Friday Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty [3.9] Semicolons and [3.10] Colons Notes [3.9] Semicolons and [3.10] Colons Practice [3.11] CommaRama! (Commas Practice)

Week 13: April 29 - May 3

Monday [4.4] Database Quest Database Demo Notes Tuesday [5.0] Teens, Schools, Social Issues Brainstorm [5.0] SIRS Questions & OVIC Topic Lists Wednesday
Thursday Color-coded Anno. Bib. to Rough Draft Example Workshop: Anno. Bib. for Persuasive Research Paper Friday Continue research. Workshop: Anno. Bib. for Persuasive Research Paper

Week 14: May 6 - 10

Monday [5.3] Annotated Bibliography for Persuasive Research Paper due during hour. Workshop: begin Rough Draft [5.6]. Tuesday (5.4) Persuasive Techniques Notes & Practice "How To Use Rhetoric To Get What You Want" Video "What Aristotle and Joshua Bell Can Teach Us About Persuasion" Video Persuasive Techniques PowerPoint in PDF Wednesday Workshop: Persuasive Techniques & Notes
Thursday (5.6) Jane Schaffer Paragraph & Opposition Paragraph Notes Work on Rough Draft (5.6). Workshop grade.
Work on Rough Draft (5.6). Workshop grade.

Week 15: May 13 - 17

Monday [5.6] Rough Draft due by end of hour.
Tuesday (5.7) Cutting Clutter (Reducing Redundancy) Notes (5.7) Cutting Clutter Practice Wednesday (5.8) Formal Writing Conventions Notes (5.8) Formal Writing Conventions Practice Thursday (5.5) Sample Persuasive Research Essay + "What's Good?" Game Revise & edit Rough Draft into Serious Rough Draft (5.9) Friday (5.6) Jane Schaffer Paragraph & Opposition Paragraph Notes Work on Serious Rough Draft (5.9) Workshop grade.

Week 16: May 20 - 24

Monday Work on Serious Rough Draft (5.9). Workshop grade. Tuesday Work on Serious Rough Draft (5.9) Print hard copy. Workshop grade. Wednesday Serious Rough Draft (5.9) due in hard copy as you walk in. (5.9) Editing Activity with Serious Rough Draft. Thursday Work on (final version) Persuasive Research Paper (5.11) (5.10) Self-Revision Checklist Workshop grade.
Friday - Half-day; shortened hours. Work on (final version) Persuasive Research Paper (5.11) Workshop grade.

Week 17: May 27 - 31

Monday - No School. Memorial Day. Tuesday Persuasive Research Paper (5.11) due at the end of the hour. Workshop grade. Wednesday Common Assessment (Final Exam) Review Guide (6.4) Commonly Mixed Words (6.0) Apostrophes Practice Thursday
(6.1) Parallel Structure Notes (6.1) Parallel Structure Practice Friday (6.2) Dangling & Misplaced Modifiers Notes (6.2) Dangling & Misplaced Modifiers Practice

Week 18: June 3 - 7

Monday SAT Sample Essay "What's Good?" Game Tuesday Common Assessment - Written Portion - Reading & Planning 
Wednesday Common Assessment - Written Portion - Writing 
Review for Common Assessment - Objective Portion Friday Kahoot Game for Final Exam Review for Common Assessment - Objective Portion. Review Game. Game code: 0477987 All revisions and late pass work due.

Week 19: June 10 - 14

Monday - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No school.
Tuesday Final Exams - Hours 1 and 2 
Wednesday - Final Exams - Hours 3 and 4
Thursday - Final Exams - Hours 5 and 6
Friday - No school.