Geometry 9

Geometry 9 Syllabus

Mrs. Lee ● Room B-21 ●

Class Expectations

Be Respectful- As a teacher I will treat each of you with respect. I expect that you will treat me, as well as each of your classmates and our classroom, with the same respect.

Be Prepared- You should come to class every day with your binder, completed homework, pencil, and planner.

Be Responsible- You are responsible for your own learning, so make choices that will lead to success.  We are all responsible to make sure that our actions do not distract others in the class from being able to learn.

Ask questions and seek help!  If you have a question, chances are someone else has the same one- so ask! 

Be Kind- Each student should feel safe expressing their thoughts in our class. Taunting, put downs, or rude remarks will not be tolerated. We will need to accept our differences and be considerate of one another’s feelings.

Be Attentive- You should be attentive during instructional time and give your best effort on all assignments. Please come to class with an active, open mind, a strong will to participate and a positive attitude.



Marking Period Grade

Tests/Quizzes- 80%

Homework/Classwork- 20%

Final Semester Grade

1st Marking Period- 40%

2nd Marking Period- 40%

Final Exam- 20%


Homework/Practice Assignments -

Warm ups (a few quick problems that have already been taught) are often given at the beginning of the hour and all students are expected to complete them.

Classwork occurs in many ways (activities, investigations, practice problems, etc.) and all students are expected to participate.

Notes are taken almost every day and all students are expected to participate.  Referring to the textbook and your notes is the best way to help yourself when you get stuck on a problem.

Homework will be assigned most days.   It will be a mixture of worksheets, bookwork, and digital components.  Homework is generally given a grade based on completion, but occasionally will be collected and graded on accuracy.

You are expected to attempt all problems, show all work, follow directions, and self-correct your homework – some answers will be provided in Google Classroom so you can check as you work at home! Vocabulary is a very important part of geometry, it is important that students practice vocabulary words often to be prepared for homework, classwork and assessments.

Late Work is only accepted for full credit if you stay after school with Mrs. Lee to complete the late/incomplete assignment, but this must occur within a reasonable amount of time.  Otherwise, late work is accepted for up to half credit and can be turned in up until the end of the marking period.


Attendance & Tardies-

Being late to class is unacceptable and it is not only a hindrance to your learning, but disrespectful to your teacher and your peers. I follow the SHS tardy policy.

If you are absent it is your responsibility to:

  • Turn in any work that was due the day you were absent
  • Go to the assignment board, find out what you’ve missed and take any worksheets you need
  • Get the notes from another classmate, Google Classroom or from my note binder
  • Complete and turn in the missed assignment. Seek help when necessary!


If you missed a test or quiz, plan on taking it the day that you return.  Assessments that need to be made up need to be scheduled for after school; if this is a problem please talk to me so we can decide on a solution.  In some cases, contact from a parent or guardian may be necessary for a missed test or quiz or late assignment to be accepted for credit. 


Extra Help

I am the first resource for additional help. I am available most Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays until 3:30. A weekly schedule is posted on my board in my classroom. There are many other ways to get extra help as well, please let me know if you are struggling and we can find something that works for you.


We are using the enVision Geometry textbook and you are required to have it with you during class.  The book is available online so you can leave the book in your locker if you are comfortable using the online resources. You are responsible to turn in YOUR assigned book at the end of the school year.  Since these books are new, there should be minimal wear and tear when returned and anything deemed excessive will result in a charge for the repairs or replacement. I will give EXTRA CREDIT for covering your book by Monday.


You will be assigned a calculator to use in class and that calculator is your responsibility.  You may NOT use your phone as a calculator while in class. If you do not want that responsibility, then please bring your own to use. I expect that it be put back where it belongs at the end of the hour or you will lose the privilege of using it. It is expected that you have at least a scientific calculator to use at home. There may be assignments/assessments in which a calculator is not allowed.  This is to strengthen your basic arithmetic skills and better prepare you for the non-calculator portion of the SAT.


Class Supplies

  • Pencils
  • A three-ring binder (1 ½” durable!) with divider tabs for Notes, Homework,Assessments, Miscellaneous
  • Loose leaf paper in the binder for homework
  • OPTIONAL - Colored pencils/pens or fine tip markers (I use a lot of color during notes and encourage you to join!)
  • **A calculator for home. Most students can use their phone at home, however the input methods vary and a TI-30X is an inexpensive option that is easy to use or if you are looking for something that will last through college the TI-84 Plus C is great (a calculator is available in class)

Wish List:  Black EXPO Fine Point Dry-Erase Markers (we use them for whiteboards and warm ups), tissue, disinfectant wipes, and microfiber clothes to use as erasers (can be found at the Dollar Tree)

Additional Information

Technology: Students will be asked to access the internet to use for class including:  Teacher websites, Google Classroom and related Google apps, the textbook site and resources, and remind.  If students do not have the ability to do so from home, please let me know so I can make the appropriate accommodations. Students will have access to Chromebooks in class when needed.

Cell Phones: You are not allowed to use phones in this class unless specifically given permission for a class assignment.  Cell phone use will never be required in class.  If I see a cell phone out, you will be given a warning the first time and the second time it is out you will be asked to turn it in for the remainder of the hour.  If it becomes a reoccurring problem you will be assigned a detention and your parent will be notified.

Remind 101:  This is a free resource for teachers.  It allows me to send a text message out to all subscribers without either party sharing their phone number.  I’m planning to use this to remind students and parents of upcoming tests, quizzes, make-up tests, or after school availability.  Students can also use this to text me questions about homework or other classroom concerns.  Standard text messaging rates do apply to those without unlimited texts in their plan so email may be a better option for some.

1) You can download the app and use code @shsgeo9

2)  To receive messages via text, text @shsgeo9 to the phone number 81010

3) Or to receive messages via email, send an email to

Food/Drinks:  Students are not allowed to bring food or beverage (other than water) into any classroom.  This is for many reasons, including keeping the critters away!



Cheating & Plagiarism-

Cheating and/or plagiarism is the act of stealing or copying someone else’s ideas, words, or work and passing it off or claiming it as your own. Any student who plagiarizes or cheats, who hands in any work which is not new or entirely his/her own, may fail the card marking.  If the student plagiarizes a second time, he/she may fail the course.

Plagiarism consists of:

1. Direct quoting without giving credit to the source.

2. Omitting quotation marks to indicate quoted material.

3. Paraphrasing the idea(s) of others without giving them credit.

4. Copying any work of other students.

5. Handing in work which has already been given credit or which was done by another.

6.  A student who provides inappropriate assistance-such as permitting someone to view his/her test or assignment answers or to copy his/her work-is also cheating.


Students thought to have plagiarized will be advised by the teacher that the policy is being implemented.

A discipline referral to the appropriate assistant principal will also be issued to document the cheating or plagiarism after a contact has been made by the teacher to the student’s parent or guardian.  The particular circumstances involved in each specific case will determine the teacher’s recommendation.

Remind Information

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