» Brain song 
    Based on the song Dynamite by Taio Cruz

    » Brain Injury Explained 

    Micheal Britt's Brain Mnemonics
    The video I showed you the beginning of in class.  This is the full 20 minutes. 

    » Social Cues in the Brain 
    3 minute video on how your brain reads social cues from others.

    » Brain Mapping 
    This is a really cool interactive Brain imaging site. You can click on the parts of the brain and the different types of brain scans to see location.

    » Head Games - Mirror Neurons 

    » Brain Part Quiz 
    30 definitions with answers. Timed at 10 minutes. Spelling does count.

    » Action Potential 

    » Split Brain 
    10 minute clip of a Scientific American video with Alan Alda.

    » Getting Drugs past the Blood Brain Barrier 
    2 minute clip about how scientists can get drugs past the blood brain barrier.

    » NOVA - How the brain works 
    This hour long episode of NOVA scienceNOW examines magic and the brain, artificial intelligence, magnetic mind control, and the work of neuroscientist and synesthesia researcher David Eagleman.

    » Brain plasticity 
    A 3 year old child has her right hemisphere removed due to seizures. Because she was so young her brain was able to adapt to near normal functioning.

    Love in a fMRI
    Competition on who can "love more" in 5 minutes. 

    Flipped Neurotransmitter video