Final Exam News

Final Exam news
The mid-term final exam consists of a multiple choice exam covering all of the information  taught 1st semester.  The  mid term exam grade is worth 20% of the overall 1st semester grade. 

  The second semester final exam is  worth 20% of the 2nd semester grade.  The June final exam will focus mainly on second semester material, however, it will have some basic questions about material learned throughout the year. 

A review packet / study guide is given to the students before each midterm and final exam.   It is a comprehensive review guide and includes practice activities using the vocabulary, grammar, and cultural information  taught during the  semester.

Please bring several  #2 pencils and a good eraser (one that doesn't leave a red streak when used) to the exam.

Buena suerte = Good luck

Remember students:  Studying is a great way to increase your chances of doing well on this important test.