World History B


How is World B different from regular ed. World History?

World Continents Colored.png

We don't have the luxury of moving at a slower pace that the other World History classes, but we will not cover the material in as much depth.  

Most of the material will be covered together in class in powerpoint notes fashion.  

Our textbook, World History and Geography, will be used in class primarily for definitions, timelines, and maps.  Students may check out a textbook to bring home as needed, but it will not be necessary to read in the textbook for homework.

Our class size is small, so more individual attention may be paid to each student. 

Homework assignments can be expected occasionally, but not often.  

We have a co-teacher in class with us every day:  Ms. Lamb.  She can be reached at 

Look at our calendar--especially if you are absent--to find out what we do each day.  You will see attachments to powerpoint presentations and notes/assignments

I look forward to an exciting year of learning with you!