A.P. Calculus

A.P. Calculus

       Mrs. Nowell



How To Learn Calculus:

Learning Calculus is not the same as learning Arithmetic, Algebra, and Geometry.  Calculus involves all previously learned techniques and skills but develops others as well, with greater precision and at deeper levels.  Calculus introduces many new concepts and computational operations.

1)             Read the text.  You will not be able to learn all the meanings and connections you need just by listening to me or attempting the exercises assigned.  You will need to read relevant passages in the book and work through examples step-by-step in a logical fashion.  Speed reading will not work.

2)             Do the homework

3)             Use your calculator whenever possible.  Graphs provide insight and visual representations of important concepts and relationships.

4)             Be patient.  Learning Calculus is a process-it does not come all at once.

5)             Ask questions.  Do not be afraid to ask me questions.  There are no stupid questions in this class.  Discuss ideas and work with your classmates.

6)             Seek help.  Ask me for help as soon as you start having trouble.  Do not wait until you fail a test or fail a card-marking.  Discuss when you can stay after school for assistance.

7)             Save all homework , quizzes, and tests.  Calculus builds on previous mathematical knowledge.




1)  Textbook, notebook, folder, paper, pencil, etc…

2)     A calculator will be provided to use in class; however, you might want one for your own use at home.



Course Work:

The points in this class come from two categories: Homework and Quizzes/Tests.


Homework will be assigned on a daily basis.  Homework is worth 0-3 points.  Not all homework will be collected for credit.


Quizzes can be announced or unannounced.  Quizzes can be short or last all hour.                               



Grades:  parents can access student grades and attendance online. Grades will be updated after each quiz. This will be every 1-2 weeks.



Final Grade:

The final semester grade will be calculated as follows: 1st and 2nd card-marking grades will count 40% each, and the final exam will count 20%.  



Make-Up Work:

Make-up work is accepted for a deduction of points within a reasonable time frame.  If you are absent, you have 2 days to turn in your missing assignments.  If your absence is due to a suspension, you will receive NO CREDIT (zero points) for any work due or for any tests/quizzes missed.



Grading Scale:  A: 93-100, A-: 90-92, B+: 87-89…E:0-59  



Cheating: From the student handbook:  “Any student who plagiarizes, who hands in any work which is not new or entirely his own, may fail the card marking. If the student plagiarizes a second time, he may fail the course.” Among other things,“plagiarism consists of copying work of other students” or receiving answers in any other form by any method.  Both the giver and receiver of the work in question will have the same consequence. 



Tardy/Attendance Policy:  You are to be in your seat when the bell rings; otherwise, you are tardy.

1st and 2nd tardy: reminder

3rd tardy: 1-HOUR detention and parents notified

4th tardy: Assistant Principal Notified and Tardy Contract drawn up

6th tardy: Saturday Detention Assigned

7th Tardy: Student dropped from class



Class Rules:  Be a respectful person, and you won’t have a problem.  Cell phones are a big problem.  I’ll follow the school rules on them.


Extra Help:

I’m in Room B-27 most days after school.  Please let me know in advance when you would like to come in and we’ll arrange for it.  Do not wait until it’s too late…

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