Welcome to Sherburne's
Biology and Bioethics!!!

We will be using Google Classroom for all material correspondence in Biology and Bioethics this year.  The class structural information and contact information can be found below.  Simply go to "classroom.google.com" and follow the directions!

*If you are absent it is expected that you will visit Google Classroom, download and complete any work you miss.

Do not arrive to class unprepared! 


Nelson Scott Sherburne, "Mr. Sherbs"

B.S. Zoology / Biological Anthropology (U of M)

M.S. Ecosystem Biology (EMU)



Students are expected to be in class every day.


A “0” results for any work due or assigned on the day of any unexcused absence.


To be considered on time students must be seated and ready to learn when the starting bell rings.  The tardy policy for Stevenson will be enforced.



Determined using Percent (<60E, 60-62D-, 63-66D, 67-69D+, 70-72C-, 73-76C,                         77-79C+, 80-82B-, 83-86B, 87-89B+, 90-92A-, 93-100%A).


            Extra-Credit is rare and should be taken advantage of whenever available.


Review for exams occurs after school 2-3 times per week, minimum, and should    be used aggressively to insure your success!


We will be following the Attendance and Grade Reduction Policy of SHS so be sure that you are here!



Contact Information:

It is difficult to contact teachers during the teaching day.  E-mail is the best option. 

Be sure to leave a message with detailed contact info whenever you write or call.


E-mail - The best way to reach me by far!   nsherbur@livoniapublicschools.org


Phone: 734-744-2660   Extension: 48119 Mail Box: 71169



My Pledge:

I love to teach and want to be the best teacher you know. I am in the learning business and will do whatever I can to insure that you will learn in as safe and effective a learning environment as I can provide. If at any time you feel that I could be doing more or doing things differently in such a way as to help you, please do not hesitate to contact me.             


                                                                    Nelson Scott Sherburne