Attendance Information


The Livonia Public Schools are committed to providing our students with a world-class education that will prepare them to be productive citizens in a diverse and democratic society. That students regularly attend class should be a shared and common expectation of the schools, the students, and the parents. While our goal is to work cooperatively with parents and students, we also wish to maintain high standards and instill the work traits of punctuality and outstanding attendance necessary for success. Those students who skip class or accrue excessive absences in a class could have their grade lowered or lose credit for that class.


Attendance Highlights for Parents

  1. Parents are asked to report excused absences for their children on a             daily basis by 12:00 noon.
  2. Twelve or more absences in a class during the semester will be deemed excessive.
  3. Suspensions (in-school or out-of-school) will figure in the calculation of total absences except in regard to the Attendance Policy.
  4. School business absences will not figure in the calculation of total absences.  Students are not to be penalized in any fashion for staff-   assigned school business absences.
  5. In most instances with an Unexcused Absence, any minor graded class work from that day may not receive credit.  The teacher will always have the discretion to award credit.
  6. In instances of Unexcused Absence on the date of a major graded event such as a test or project, an allowance will be made to schedule a make-up or accept the work and the grade may be reasonably reduced, but not to the point of failure.
  7. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher for any rescheduled or make-up work.
  8. Teachers may reduce semester grades beginning on the thirteenth absence. There will still be an administrative waiver list that provides the names of students who will be exempt from the consequences outlined in the Attendance Policy.
  9. Administrators will have the discretion to change an Unexcused Absence to Excused Absence based on individual considerations of the student.


Parents may check a student's attendance with the online access available to all parents anytime during the day (or night) to see if the student was in class.  Parents can access our Parent Connect program through the link on the Stevenson website.  We expect students to make up work for teachers when absent by following make-up work guidelines and working with their teachers.  Even if a student is absent due to a suspension, the student will be expected to make up the work. 


All absences from individual classes will be recorded by the classroom teacher and become part of the student's permanent record. School business absences will be recorded on report cards only.  Attendance can be viewed within minutes of the teacher entering the absence into the computer. Parents of absent high school students will receive an automated phone call regarding the absence(s) in the evening.


Classroom attendance instills a concept of self-discipline, exposes a student to group interactions with teachers and fellow students, and enables a student to hear and participate in class discussion and other related learning experiences.  With that understanding, the Livonia Public Schools encourages daily attendance and has deemed twelve (12) absences in a class during a given semester as an excessive amount.  Teachers have the prerogative to include absences as a consideration in determining a student's grade in a course. 

Any teacher who chooses to utilize attendance as a factor in determining a student's grade may do so with the following understandings:

  1. The teacher's implementation must apply to every student in the class.
  2. Beginning with the 13th absence in a class, the student's semester grade could be negatively impacted by not being present in class.
  3. For each absence thirteen and above in a class, the student's semester grade may be reduced by one-third of a grade.  For example, a student who has earned a B- for their semester grade report, but who was absent thirteen times during the semester, will have their grade reduced by one step and assigned a C+ by the teacher for the semester grade.  A student who has earned a B- for their semester grade report, but who has eighteen absences during the semester, will have their grade reduced by five steps and will be assigned a letter grade of D by the teacher for the semester grade.
  4. The lowest a grade may be reduced due to excessive absences is a D-.        For example, a student that earned a C for their semester grade, but has 32     absences can, at most, have their semester grade reduced to a D-.
  5. The only grade this policy applies to is the semester grade.  There will be no adjustment of grades for the marking periods.
  6. Regardless of a student's absence count, that student may still earn a failing grade for their semester grade due to lack of academic performance.
  7. All school to parent contacts and warnings prior to a student surpassing the excessive absence standard will be made via the Edulink automated system.  Using Edulink, each high school will determine their contact method and contact interval. An individual teacher may make additional contacts
  8. With medical documentation or other reasonable discretionary consideration, the school administration may revise or waive a student from the grade reduction aspects of this attendance intervention.
  9. For students with eight or more absences, the teacher will include in an IPR   and/or 10-week report card a comment that reads "Grade may be reduced due to excessive absences".  A teacher who reduces a student's grade through this policy must check the comment on the semester report card comment section that reads the "Grade has been reduced due to excessive absences".


Tardiness to class interferes with the instructional program and creates an atmosphere in which teaching and learning are restricted.  A tardy is generally defined as not being in the classroom, properly seated, when the "bell" stops ringing, signaling the end of passing time.  A student who is more than 15 minutes late for class will be considered absent.  Excessive tardiness will result in disciplinary action as is outlined below:

On the fourth tardy, the student is referred to the assistant principal with a Tardy Contract. Once the assistant principal has verified the four tardies, the student and parent are notified that the student must serve a detention.  This will also occur at the sixth tardy, using the previously established Tardy Contract.  Each tardy after seven (7) may result in a grade reduction of 1/3 of a grade for each tardy after the 7th.



The responsibility for make-up work is with the student. The length of time a student has to complete make-up work due to an absence, in most cases, will be as many days as they were absent if the absences occur on consecutive days. Suspensions are treated the same as an absence.  Students with a school business absence will be allowed to make up, without penalty, any work missed as a result of this absence according to school policy.  An absence does not automatically extend a due date for a class assignment.  In general, daily assignments can be turned in upon the student's return to school/class.  Obligations such as term papers and classroom assignments which have been scheduled in advance will be expected to be submitted on or before the pre-established due date unless otherwise designated by the teacher.



When it becomes necessary to leave the immediate school property during the school day, students are required to "check out" at their assistant principal's office.  If you leave without permission at any time for any reason during the school day, you will face disciplinary action ranging from detention to suspension (consequences may also include not receiving credit for work assigned, done, or due during the time you were absent from class).


Those who repeat this beyond the first offense will be suspended for additional days for each subsequent offense. Ask before you go! This means even a trip to the parking lot. Students need to check in when they arrive late to school or are returning from a check-out.



Students arriving at school after the start of the school day are required to sign in electronically at the check-in desk in the main office.



  1. Any student leaving school, other than at their scheduled time, must check out through the office of their assistant principal.
  2. If a parent needs to check their student out during the day, your student should come to school with a note indicating the time at which they are to be dismissed.  The note should be delivered to the student's assistant principal's office when the student arrives at school.  Another option is for the parent to come into the appropriate school office to check your student out (Please try to arrive approximately ten minutes before you need to leave the school to allow your student to be called from class and go to their locker.)
  3. A check-out pass will be prepared for the student in advance of their early dismissal.  Before leaving, the student must sign-out.
  4. If a parent does NOT check a student out prior to the student leaving the building, the absence will remain unexcused.



Routine attendance practices will be followed for excused absences of two days or less. If an absence of three or more days for reasons other than illness is necessary, a request for prearranged student absence must be made through the Attendance Office. If it is determined that the absence would be detrimental for the student, the administrator will advise the student and the student's parents or guardians.

  1. Student obtains a prearranged absence form in the office of their assistant principal.
  2. When the student presents this form to his/her instructors, each classroom teacher will record the number of absences to date, make comments where necessary, and sign the form. The teacher's signature does not imply approval for the proposed absence.
  3. Parents or guardians read information on form and sign. Absence must be approved by the student's assistant principal. Student returns the completed form to the office of their assistant principal before the anticipated absence.
  4. Family vacations of three days or more that extend into scheduled school time, require a request for a prearranged form.
  5. Days missed because of prearranged absences will count toward the total absences allowed for the semester.

SPECIAL NOTE: Completed homework assignments for a prearranged absence must be submitted on the day in which the student returns to school. Failure to do so will result in an "E" for those assignments which have not been completed. It is the student's responsibility to make arrangements with the teacher for test make-up.


If a student becomes ill at school, this student should report to the clinic in the Main/Attendance Office. If necessary, the student will be excused to go home after the school has received instructions from the home or an authorized person named on the Emergency Care Card. 


A student who has reason to believe that their attendance has been marked incorrectly for a particular class should first work to resolve the matter with the appropriate teacher. Any concerns that cannot be resolved after talking with the teacher should be brought to the attention of the appropriate administrator in a timely manner.


If a student plans to transfer to another school or to withdraw from school, this student should:

  1. Have the parent(s) or guardian(s) contact the student's administrator or counselor.
  2. Secure an official withdrawal slip from the Attendance Office.
  3. Present this withdrawal slip to each of his/her teachers, obtaining the appropriate signatures.
  4. Clean out your locker and return books and materials which belong to the school to the proper teacher(s).
  5. Obtain a statement from the Stevenson Business Office stating that all fees have been paid.