Stevenson Parking Information 2018-19


Once again, all applications will be taken online through the "Stevenson Parking Application and Registration" page on the Stevenson website.  The site will be activated on August 21, 2018.  

The goal of the Stevenson administration is to provide a safe and convenient parking situation for as many students as possible. 

Student parking is limited; therefore, driving by high school students is discouraged. Students who do not live within walking distance of the school are provided bus transportation by the District.

The distribution of available student parking permits will be used for Seniors and Juniors only.

** Sophomores will not be considered for permits throughout the school year**.

Students must be passing four (4) classes to remain eligible to park on campus. Grade checks may take place at Progress Report and Card Marking dates. If a student is not passing four (4) classes at that point, parking on campus may be suspended until the next grade check. Administration reserves the right to make final determinations and there will be no refund for the cost of the permit.

No student, regardless of grade or involvement in school activities, is guaranteed a parking permit. Parking is a privilege; an equitable system is in place to award the limited number of parking permits. (The cost of a parking permit is $50) Students must present a valid Driver License

**For your planning purposes and due to limited parking space, please be aware many students will be denied a parking permit**.

(Students may not transfer ownership of a parking pass without Administrative approval).

Mid-August: Students need to apply online through the Stevenson website under the Students tab for a parking permit. Seniors and Juniors will apply using separate grade level application tabs.

2018-19 Senior Form

2018-19 Junior Form

Early September; Distribution will follow a prescribed priority list:

  1. Seniors
  2. LCTC students in programs without district provided transportation
  3. Career Interns/Dual Enrollment/District and Building Programs
  4. Junior Lottery until the fulfillment of available spaces

Once again, we would like to accommodate as many students as possible so we ask that students without permits stay out of the parking lots. This allows us to monitor the large numbers of actual permit holders who drive every day.


  •  A notice will be sent to the e-mail submitted if a student is selected to purchase a parking permit.
  • Parking Permits are managed through the Business Office. Students may pay for and pick up parking permits in the Business Office before or after school and in the cafeteria during lunch times. This will reduce class time disruptions.